Experienced Specialists for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Adam Sobanski

Dr. Adam Sobanski is based in Düsseldorf on the river Rhine. Since obtaining a doctorate in chemistry, he has been supporting the most successful multinational pharmaceutical companies in their strategic and organizational development in the areas of R&D and regulatory affairs since the beginning of his professional career. Dr. Sobanski works as a certified coach, change manager, consultant and trainer.

In his publications and presentations, he has provided successful companies and managers in the pharmaceutical industry with long-term and effective theoretical approaches and implementation strategies.


Armin Neises

Armin Neises is based in Trier. The mechanical engineer and certified General Manager has many years of experience in management consulting for organizations and in training experts and leaders. Armin Neises is a certified strategic and operative Business Process Manager, a Six Sigma Black Belt, a systemic Organizational Developer, a Solution Focus Professional (SFCT), a Certified Eden Consultant (BPM Maturity Model EDEN e.V.) und certified mediation teacher (POESIS-Institute).

Armin Neises is director of the MAIN5 Institute, works as trainer and consultant and, in addition to the seamless day-to-day running of the Institute, he is responsible for qualification the continuing professional development of the coaches as well as the company´s methodical and leadership curriculum.


Dr. Dirk Kasel

Dr. Dirk Kasel calls Cologne his home. With a doctorate in chemistry, he has accumulated 14 years of experience in pharma R&D, M&A and Business Process Management in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Kasel is a Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP™), a Process-orientated Organizational Developer, a Solution Focus Professional (SFCT) and a Certified Eden Consultant (BPM Maturity Model EDEN e.V.).

In his seminars and workshops, Dr. Kasel coaches experts and managers in the pharma sector in developing and implementing their corporate strategies and new management paradigms based on Business Process Management.


Holger Hagen

Holger Hagen is based in Hamburg. The business economist draws on 10 years of experience in the coaching of executives. Holger Hagen is an expert in contemporary meditation, certified dialogue trainer and coach, meditation, yoga and karate teacher and is managing the Poesis Institute for Self Presence in Hamburg. 

In his coachings and workshops Holger Hagen offers the space for profound transformation and personal development.