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Strategy and Change Skills for Senior Physicians:

Managing Crises, Spotting Opportunities, and Shaping the Future

Author: Dr. Adam Sobanski

Springer Verlag 2015

Lead the Way in a Situation of Constant Change!

Physicians are the past masters of change – in terms of both their profession and the rate of progress now affecting modern medicine. Does this also hold true for the increasingly important role they play as managers and (co)strategists as of organizational change in hospitals and clinics?  Medical expertise is essential in the management of clinics and hospitals. It’s therefore vital that you work as a partner, on equal terms with the managers of your institution. This book provides senior physicians with an easily accessible handbook, detailing:

  • Strategic skills for comprehensive oversight and optimal positioning
  • Change skills, to make corporate realignment a success and for situational flexibility
  • Analysis: health & safety policies, competition, referrers, and partners in the catchment area
  • Evaluated management models for navigating through complex fields of activity
  • Assessment: opportunities and risks for clinics and hospitals
  • The shrewd judgment: What developments in your health policies and region is your clinic or hospital exploiting, and which involve risk?
  • Strategy package: doing the right thing at the right time
  • A financially sustainable list of your duties and responsibilities, with case studies showing how you can make competition or collaboration work for you
  • The change process: how to remain in control
  • Proven and innovative techniques to guide your interactions in the process and for dealing with resistance
  • Success factors for change: involvement of stakeholders and interest groups
  • How to gain backing for your plans for commercial and medical advancement