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Selfreflection and Meditation for Specialists and Management - Remaining Steadfast and Self-Aware in Turbulent Times

Aspects of the Seminar

Do you rarely get a chance to pause for breath when your working environment is really demanding? Do you also wonder how you can satisfy these demands long-term? 

By attending this seminar, you can invest valuable time in yourself, and improve the way you handle the daily pressure of projects, meetings and discussions. At the same time, you will increase your own self-confidence and effectiveness. Suitable tools for maintaining or restoring inner balance and orientation during turbulent times will be introduced at the very beginning of the Seminar. 

It has been scientifically proven that inner personal stability and peace are key factors in success for specialists and management, and prevent the risk of a burnout. We want to activate these positive aspects by reflecting on our own patterns of behaviour and mental activity. Based on a practical self-awareness task and centring meditation, we strengthen your ability to implement these techniques yourself in future..

Seminar objectives

Learn how you can become more laid-back using self-reflection.

Learn about pragmatic tools that you can use to achieve greater clarity. You can use these to maintain inner stability in tough times, to make decision-making easier, and to be a convincing member of the team.

Find out for yourself the effect that focusing on your own breathing can have on positive changes in yourself and your Environment. 

Learn how to use the influence of self-reflection and meditation in your daily working life, and how this can encourage you to focus on the interests and demands of a financial organisation.

MAIN5 Impulses:

  • Scientific foundations for Meditation
  • Introductions to meditation and breathing exercises
  • Awareness of self-reflection as basis for dialogue with employees and Managers
  • Swap experiences with all participants
  • Conceive your own changes in behaviour together with a self-imposed obligation to put these into practice in your work Environment

Group participants

Specialists and management in pharmaceutical R&D, project leads, programme managers, change managers, internal management consultants and organisational developers, young leaders. 

The group of seminar participants is deliberately limited to a small group of up to 8 persons so that we can consistently meet our own demands and those of the course participants. Each individual participant is guaranteed to gain a great deal of personal Knowledge.

Locations and Dates

November 28-29, 2018 Villa Manskopf, 60528 Frankfurt/Main

The training is given in German.
We can also offer English-language training programmes upon request.


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Holger Hahn
Armin Neises