Pharmaceutical Management Skills – Bridge the Gap Between Technical and Management Level

Aspects of the seminar

Are you also required to master a daily balancing act between your technical contribution and effective employee management in your Company? 

Switching between different levels of demand skilfully is a daily challenge. On the one hand, demands are placed on management qualities such as clarity and courage to make game-changing decisions, as well as targeted employee management and empathy. On the other hand are the technical demands present in a challenging and regulated natural sciences Environment. 

It is the highly-qualified experts in particular who find themselves in the cross-hairs as their expertise is employed differently in matters of natural science legislation than the management of employees and organisations. With us you will learn how to manage this balancing act between technical and management level, and how you can reflect on and expand your variety of skills in this regard.

Seminar objectives

Enter into a dialogue on managing small, agile entities in order to more quickly develop future-oriented solutions in the pharmaceutical sector. 

Learn how to appreciate and understand company policy.

Get to know select tools for effective Management.

Expand your knowledge and skills in employee management without disciplinary power.

MAIN5 Impulses:

  • Targeted management, quality and result orientation, commercial thinking
  • Process-oriented company Management
  • Employee orientation, appreciation, praise and recognition
  • Communication, leading discussions
  • Decision-making and self-Management



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Dr. Adam Sobanski