Change Management in the Pharmaceutical Environment - Successfully Designing Changes

Aspects of the seminar

Do you want to tackle demanding changes to your working environment even faster?

The pharmaceutical industry is shaped by changes, updates, paradigm shifts and interruptions; this can create worry or equally hope. Depending on how you present the situation, people will follow you in your plans.

Let's work together to establish the basic terms of Change Management and learn how to react appropriately to changes affecting success in order to have a positive impact. Clear and reasonable communication of ostensibly unpleasant developments is a central topic of discussion at the seminar and this skill will be strengthened using practical exercises taken from a pharmaceutical context. In theory and in practice, we tackle key concepts in systematic organisation development and consider the mutual impact of different impulses on individuals, teams, departments and organisations, and their effects in the regulated environment. The system is also a multi-faceted instrument to help you better understand and actively design complex processes in a pharmaceutical company.

Seminar objectives

You won't just learn the theoretical background to Change Management in the pharmaceutical industry, but you will also experience the effect it has on your own Body.

Learn concrete Change Management tools that you can use to manage upcoming changes and projects successfully.

Enter into a dialogue with the highly experienced trainers, who themselves have extensive practical experience as Change Consultants, as well as with participants from other pharmaceutical companies about successful approaches and behaviours.

Work out your own plan of action for the next steps in your work Environment..

MAIN5 Impulses:

  • Introduction to Change Management and Systematic Organisational Development
  • Strengthening systematic thinking and perspectives
  • Looking at the individual, yourself, your position in the groups and in the Organisation
  • Looking at groups, teams and departments, and their effects on individuals and the Company
  • Communication as a central component of changes

Group of participants

Specialists and management in pharmaceutical R&D, project leads, programme managers, change managers, internal management consultants and organisational developers, young leaders.

The group of seminar participants is deliberately limited to a small group of up to 8 persons so that we can consistently meet our own demands and those of the course participants. Each individual participant is guaranteed to gain a great deal of personal Knowledge.



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Dr. Adam Sobanski