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BPM – creating value in a GxP-regulated environment

Aspects of the seminar

Process management aligns interaction within an R&D organization so that it can meet its long-term strategic and operational goals by means of well-defined resources, processes and interfaces in an efficient manner. In a company’s day-to-day operations, its customers and staff demand continuous transparency and more affordable, innovative solutions: a greater focus on internal and external clients, increasing complexity of interfaces, higher compliance requirements, better communication and leadership, unleashing intrinsic motivation and releasing energy, reducing misunderstanding and loss due to friction within teams. Is any of this achievable?
Let us square the circle in a practical way.

Together, we will consolidate the fundamentals of business process management and, in a synthesis workshop, we will create practicable solutions that will provide you with additional guidance in the current challenges for your company. You will develop an understanding of BPM as a specific system of management in pharma R&D to generate additional benefits in terms of effectiveness and efficiency for your company.
As a successful physician and scientist with management responsibility, you will gain a practical management tool that is aligned to the specific aspects of your business environment.

Seminar objectives

Work with Dr. Dirk Kasel and Armin Neises on developing a practical understanding of the concept of business process management in the pharmaceutical industry. Learn about the impacts that BPM-centric issues are having on your organization and how you can confidently address them. Recognize what kind of commitment you and your management team must transmit as decision makers and managers, and how to maintain direction even during difficult phases.

Use business process management as a means of helping your expert team become more effective and successful in their thoughts and actions on behalf of the business. Openly contribute to a situation in which the experts in your organization can apply their knowledge and energy to greater effect and for the benefit of the company.


Locations and Dates

September 12-13,2018 Kloster Eberbach, 65346 Eltville
November 14-15, 2018 Burg Schwarzenstein, 65366 Geisenheim

The language for the seminar will be German. Trainings in english are available on request.

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Dr. Dirk Kasel

Armin Neises