Applied Methodology, Individualized Training

Consulting with you closely, we can refine our seminar topics and courses to work as Inhouse-Seminars opportunities for your specific corporate context. As such, they will be offered in your familiar environment.

The seminars are built around our applied methodology, which is specially focused on your business’s desired strategic or operational goals. As a result, you’ll benefit from an individualized MAIN5 Institute training course that is perfectly tailored in terms of form, content, and level to your specific user group. In consultation with you, we’ll also take into account group-dynamic factors in order to guarantee the overall success of the seminar for each participant and for the company. We also find that to promote knowledge transfer, the ideal group size should consist of eight people and in any case not exceed twelve people.

We divide our seminars into basic and special training. While basic training provides a good overview and some initial practice-oriented core knowledge, our special training courses help to deepen participants’ knowledge in a targeted and highly applied way, thanks to the practical elements covered.

MAIN5 Organizational Seminars