Leading companies are relying ever more strongly on managers who can define the way forward without equivocation. In today’s organizations, this requires a management style that’s quite different from the old-fashioned command and control approach. Instead, it calls for a combination of decisiveness and assertiveness with an openness to dialog and a gentler way of addressing employees.

Particularly in today’s business world – one that’s increasingly subject to regulation and external influences – the small but important differences are what distinguishes the most successful players from the mediocre.

Our seminars focus exclusively on training and topics of relevance for managers and specialists in the life sciences sector. This is the world that we know and in which we can demonstrate the efficacy of our methods and techniques.

MAIN5 Management Consulting Institute

In addition to applying and teaching modern and methodologies and concepts, which have produced demonstrable success, our training courses always make direct reference to the specific business context of the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to their familiarity with such references, participants benefit from a more intense experience of dialog with one another and are therefore involved in the day-to-day activities for the long term.

In the MAIN5 Institue training and seminars, we educate the participants and help build their ability to carry out careful and effective analyses and to communicate, make decisions, take the lead, and thereby successfully transform their immediate business environment on a number of levels.

In the seminars, we focus on the five essential basic skills that underlie effective and successful leadership behavior:

Analysis – Identifying issues and influences

Communication – Understanding and being understood

Decisiveness – Taking ownership and showing the way

Leadership – Focusing people on shared success

Change – Creating a viable future